Criminal Investigator of the year (pop >100,000 or Sate Employee) :
Ted Yelley
Criminal Investigator of the year (pop , 100,000) :
Bill Madding
Prosecutor of the year :
Neil Kucera
Investigator of the year (civil) (pop >100,000 or State Employee) :
Kenny James
Investigator of the year (civil) (pop <100,000) (Tommy Savell Award) :
Pam Speaks
Investigative Individual Service Award (Pat Buzbee Award) :
Tod Schneider
Investigative Organizational Service Award :
Ector County Environmental Office
Environmental Personnel Award :
Andy Isabell

Board Meeting Notice

The next public board meeting will be held on: November 13, 2014 at 10:00am 1313 University Ave., Suite A Huntsville, TX  77340.  The phone number to call in and participate in the meeting is 936-436-4707.   Click HERE for agenda

President’s Open Letter

TELEA has a new elected President, Robert Knight

Robert Knight with Walker Co. was elected the new Association President during the last conference.

With this, we think Garrett for all his hard work and efforts he gave to the association during his term.  We look forward to his tenure as a past-president and I'm sure he is looking forward to the extra time and reduction of emails.

Robert has sent out a letter to the membership and you may have already received it but if you have not, click on the lick below to read the letter.

We look forward to Robert's leadership and idea during his term..... make it a good one.